Welcome to My World

Welcome to the fantasy world of Belvieu Bay. If you had the right kind of map, you might find it located east of Houston on the Texas Gulf Coast, but those maps are rare. 

Things don’t always work quite the same in Belvieu Bay as they do elsewhere. For instance, there’s the mundane side where you’ll meet model/college co-ed Morgan Bailey and her hunky love interest, sculptor/artist Virgil Graves.

Then there’s the darker side that harbors the arcane. This is where you’ll get to know Jasmine, Spider, and Jesse as they come to grips with their newfound Talents while solar flares bombard the world with Magic. You’ll also meet gorgeous male dryads Jannon and Conall. Once locked out of our dimension by Technology, they’re now free and on the prowl.

From time to time, I’ll post snippets. Hopefully, you’ll like my world enough to visit often and stay a while. That’s it for now. Check back for new material.