In Jasmine’s words….

The thing I want most in the world is to study horticulture, but my dad will do anything to make sure that dream dies a quick death. He wants me to study law. *barf* The thing is, after Mom’s parents died and  left her everything, Dad let all that money go to his head. His Jekyll/Hyde personality took over and my life’s been miserable ever since.

I miss Grandma and Grandpa Baker. To give you an idea how important they were in my life, when I was born, they named me. My parents had only picked out boy names because Dad was positive he would only produce boys. When I appeared (without a penis), he was so disappointed he refused to come up with a girl’s name. His disappointment hasn’t abated in eighteen years. Lucky for him the next kid was a boy.

Cara Stockman’s my bestie. She’s cute and friendly, but her family doesn’t have much money. Because of that, she thinks nobody wants to be her friend. Silly girl. I’d trade places with her in a heartbeat. Money doesn’t guarantee people will like you or have your best interests at heart. She also has a secret crush on Jesse Izle. He doesn’t deserve her, though. Jesse and I dated for two weeks during sophomore year, but his ego came between us. I’ll tell you more about him sometime. Well, hell. The lights are flickering which means Magic’s about to take over again. Catch you lat…

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