August, aka Spider

In case you didn’t know, I’m the BMOC in Belvieu Bay. I’m the guy all the girls want…except Jasmine. A couple years ago, I asked her out then got cold feet and didn’t show. I know it was because of something stupid, but at the time it seemed important. You’d think she’d be over it by now, but she’s not. I don’t know if she’ll ever forgive me.

Now that the world’s gone crazy, I figured I’d weasel my way into her life and make up for all my failings. And no, I’m not stupid enough to tell her about the other girls. I mean, c’mon, a guy’s gotta have some fun, right? I’m a healthy twenty-year-old, not a monk. But I swear, if I ever get Jaz to go out with me I’ll ditch the other girls.

Lately, I’ve seen a blond dude hanging around her. Something about him seems off, but I can’t get close enough to find out what it is. Once I thought I saw pointed ears, but real people don’t have ears like that so it must’ve been the joint I smoked earlier. He’d better watch out, because I plan on romancing her so hard she’ll never look at him again.

Gotta go. Think I see something coming out of that crater in the street. Probably another weird chimera. If that’s the case, I can play hero and win some attention from Jaz.


I’m free!

My people were locked inside the dryad knowe for over two centuries, but now that magic has returned to the mortal world, we’re finally free. Granted, I’m not that old. I’ve only been alive for twenty-one of your mortal years, but I spent hour after hour watching Jasmine from beyond the veil. Watching her. Falling in love with her. And she never knew.

I was there when she came to the forest to hide in the treehouse and cry because her father was such a douche. And I was there when some creep named Spider broke her heart. What kind of name is Spider anyway? And I was there when her spoiled sister tried to ruin her reputation. But no matter how much I wanted to comfort her, that damned veil kept us apart. No more, though. The veil is gone and I plan to protect Jasmine from anyone who would try to harm her.

There’s only one hitch…Queen Lasair. She doesn’t care for mortals and doesn’t care if they perish because of the magic. In order to help my girl, I have to be rather sly about it and dodge Conall, the Queen’s guard. He’s in love with Jasmine’s sister Heather (the mean, beastly girl) and would do anything to prove his love including sabotaging my plans. But I know something he doesn’t. When Jasmine finally accepts what she is, she’ll be able to control more magic than any other mortal alive. I can’t wait.